Bill Bradley, 1974 Topps All Pro (Football Friday No. 143)

Name: Bill Bradley
Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Position: Safety
Value of card: $14.95 coupon for shower drain unclogging
Key 1973 stat: 26 disco infernos
Introducing ... The Soaring Mushroom®: Few men are authors, style mavens and all-pro football players, but Bill Bradley was such a man. Bradley was not the author of books, but of vicious hits and a signature hairstyle. Of course, no one can forget The GreatScott®,  The Greasy Earmuffs® or The SaberMullet®, three all-time classics. But Bradley broke the mold by growing a hairdo that looked like it was formed in a mold, and his contribution to the world of high hair fashion lives on till this day. The Soaring Mushroom®'s utility lies in its curls; they cradle the head and act as protection from injury. Bradley understood this better than anyone, having never worn a helmet during his football career. Besides its functional benefits, the Soaring Mushroom® is glamorous. It whisks its wearer away to a fantasyland of slight breezes, shirtless gladiators and contemptuous fungi. It elicits long-hidden emotions that encourage a man to grow a bushy mustache to more resemble a schnauzer. It helps Eagles — especially safetys — soar. And it doesn't at all make a 1970s tough guy look like a 1990s unfunny comedian.


  1. You guys are so full of crap, obviously you have never done your home work because he still holds the Eagle Interception record for any Eagle DB! That would be 34 int's! The record has withstood the test of time for 36 going on 37 years. They did not even hardly throw the ball that much from 69 to 77(which makes this feet even more amazing)! Did we mention that the return ydg is still an Eagle best. He was a trend setter no doubt. Oh, did we mention that he also punted for 5 yrs, held for the place kickers for 9 yrs and returned both kick-offs and punts! Excuse me but he was the third team disaster QB too. Hold on to those cards and grab as much memorbilia of him that you can because I saw the his Jersey just sold for 5000 dollars.