Antone Williamson, 1995 Pinnacle Draft Picks

Name: Antone Williamson
Team: Milwaukee Brewers? Not quite
Position: First base
Value of card: It's as worthless as this card is blurry
Key 1994 stat: NA
10 professions Antone Williamson was better suited for than pro baseball player:
10) No-pockets short-shorts salesman
9) High school physical education and driver's ed teacher
8) Bodybuilder so strong he ripped off the edge of his own card
7) A brewer
6) Softball beer league organizer
5) By the sound of that name, a chauffeur
4) 1994 Eastbay catalog model
3) Salami smuggler (cough, cough)
2) Your kid's Little League coach
1) Your kid's Little League teammate

Card submitted by Sean Griffin

1 comment:

  1. I have an extensive collection of players in shorts, but I don't have this one! Going on the want list.

    And yowza. Looks like he's smuggling a meatball sub onto the field....

    Still, I like '95 Pinnacle.