John Finn, 1992 Classic Best

Name: John Finn
Team: El Paso Diablos
Position: Second base
Value of card: Ticket for a free drink at Lloyd's Pub in El Paso
Key 1991 stat: His best stat in 1992 was the year
Milwaukee Brewers' scouting report on prospect John Finn: "Like his 'stache; it's straighter than his swing. ... Definitely not the hottest thing in El Paso. ... He'll have a 'devil' of a time doing anything on the Diablos. ... His name is 'John.' That's appropriate. ... Doesn't 'Finn' mean 'the end' in one of those European languages? That's appropriate, too. ... Does a heckofa job taping his wrists. Maybe we could use him on our trainer team. ... He wears his hat like jerks will in 20 years. ... We heard he's going to be featured on a Classic Best card. We'd call that a misnomer squared."

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