Tony Brackens, 1996 Donruss (Football Friday No. 139)

Name: Tony Brackens
Team: Jacksonville Jaguars
Position: Defensive (rear) end
Value of card: As many dollars as there are fans in the stadium
Key 1995 stat: Four Jaguar luxury cars bought after contract signing
Jaguars' scouting report on rookie Tony Brackens: "We don't want a giant human being with dimples, so thumbs-down. ... We need a guy who can grow a full mustache, so thumbs-down. ... We need a guy who doesn't like playing in an empty stadium, so thumbs-down. ... We want a guy who isn't afraid to show his teeth in a photo, so thumbs-down. ... We seem to have a guy who just got his thumb prints taken at police headquarters, so ... yeah ... you got it."

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