Pete Incaviglia, 1989 Donruss

Name: Pete Incaviglia
Team: Texas Rangers
Positions: Outfield, chewing tobacco pitchman
Value of card: $1.99 for a can of Kodiak Wintergreen
Key 1988 stat: 14,097 chews taken
Advertisement for Kodiak chewing tobacco, circa 1989: "Hey, sports fans. I'm Pete Incaviglia, a major league slugger with a major league hankering for some Carolina-grown chewing tobacco. And when I want a hefty chew with bite, I reach for Kodiak, America's favorite fiberglass-flavored chewing tobacco. Hitting a curveball may be hard, but grabbing a Kodiak is easy. Just head to the store, throw down two bucks, stuff a massive lipper in your gums, and put the can in your back pocket. Because remember, sports fans, when you want a chew with bite, grab the bear; it belongs on your butt."

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