Ken Grundt, 1991 Pro Cards

Name: Ken Grundt
Team: Everett Giants
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: 26 diamonds (cut out from this card)
Key 1990 stat: Zero buttons on jersey
Giants' scouting report on minor league pitcher Ken Grundt: "We've been watching this guy play for seven decades. Still nothing. ... Grundt puts the 'ex' in 'experience.' ... The bad news: He can't pitch. The good news: He tells great World War II stories. ... When he started pitching for us, we were still the New York Giants. ... If we don't have a place for him in the bullpen we might need to put him in a home ... Surprising he's not better with such a smooth name like 'Ken Grundt.' ... Pretty impressive stats when it comes to opening tuna cans with his teeth. ... Best butt chin in our organization, bar none. ... Interesting fact: He actually founded the town of Everett. ... Might be worth keeping around if only to get the inside track on his 17-year-old grandson."

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