Jon Lieber, 1992 Front Row

Name: Jon Lieber
Team: University of South Alabama Jaguars
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: A seat in the worst Front Row of all time
Key 1992 stat: Shiniest skin in Dixieland
Kansas City Royals scouting report on their 1992 second-round draft choice, Jon Lieber: "Are we sure this kid is 22? He looks more like 12. ... This guy makes a red belt look professional, and that's just hard to find. ... When asked what he'd like to play five years from now, he said starter, reliever, or 'Free Bird.' So, yeah. ... The kid's good at putting up chain-link, and that always comes in handy. ... We're going to need to work on his breaking pitches, as well as his complexion. ... I've never seen a person drink so much Mountain Dew without throwing up. ... The team psychic predicted that this guy will win 20 games for the Cubs some day. Ha! Like that could ever happen."

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