Jim McMahon, 1991 Pro Line Portraits (Shameful Sunday Portraits No. 8)

Name: Jim McMahon
Team: Philadelphia Eagles
Position: Quarterback
Value of card: Gagging on the douche-osity of it all
Key 1991 stat: Wore Zubaz the other 364 days that year, too
Fun facts about quarterback Jim McMahon and the teams he played for in his career:
  • The teams of BYU, where McMahon played his college ball, are called the Cougars. Jim McMahon has spent time with other cougars, as well.
  • The 1986 Chicago Bears had a big-time defense. Jim McMahon was a big-time d-bag.
  • Those '86 Bears had only one blemish on their record       a loss to the Dolphins. McMahon is using his jacket to cover up the only blemish on his T-shirt, where he spilled some tuna salad.
  • The 1991 Philadelphia Eagles knocked off the eventual Super Bowl champ Redskins in Week 17. McMahon's "Rolex" watch was also a knock-off.
  • The 1993 Minnesota Vikings played nine of their games inside domes. McMahon wore those obnoxious sunglasses the whole time anyway.


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