Enos Cabell, 1987 Fleer

Name: Enos Cabell
Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Positions: First base, outfield
Value of card: Two used, sopping-wet-with-sweat wristbands
Key 1986 stat: 320 gray hairs
Here's what Enos Cabell stands for:

Enos, Enos? Really?
Never mind the standard acrostic; this dude's name is hilarious
Oh, man; what were his parents thinking?
Should have gone by his middle name: Milton

C'mon, Milton? Enos Milton? This poor dude
All his childhood friends must have had a field day
Beatings must have come often
Even this guy would laugh at this name
Laugh all you want, he's made more money than you have
Losers make fun of a guy's name, you talentless hacks, Enos says

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