Bob Griese, 1981 Topps (Football Friday No. 136)

Name: Bob Griese
Teams: Miami Dolphins, "Revenge of the Nerds" movie cast
Position: Dorky quarterback
Value of card: 12,321 x 876 / 14 + 1,298 - 716 x 0 = 0
Key 1980 stat: Don't get this dweeb started on stats
10 things Bob Griese said the day this photo was taken:
10) "Hold your horses, cowboy, (laugh snort) and let me calculate the yardage (laugh snort)."
9) "Have you ever heard of a paper Dolphin?"
8) "I don't really see myself as an athlete. Actually, I can't really see at all."
7) "OK, I'll cut the crap and give Grandma her glasses back."
6) "No, you listen. I want a phallic microphone on the card because I'm going to be an announcer."
5) "So, we put on these helmets for a 'Pokemon' tourney?"
4) "What do you mean I've been CTRL-Alt-Del? Is that some kind of crack?"
3) "Gee whiz, what is this brown, oblong object the muscular gentleman just threw at me?"
2) "The last part of my pads that I put on is my pocket protector."
1) "Man, these glasses sure are Griese."

Card submitted by Fat Shawn Kemp

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