Frank Thomas, 1993 Upper Deck KidStars ("Fabulous" Frank Thomas Week No. 5)

Name: Frank Thomas
Team: Chicago Tiny White Sox
Positions: First base, designated hitter, orthodontia patient
Value of card: A trade: your chocolate milk for lil' Frankie's Oreo cookies
Key 1992 stat: Third place, KidStars Trivia and Drinking Contest
Time for a quiz about a quiz:

Who scored 108 runs, had 115 RBI and walked 122 times in 1992?

(A) The cutest damn kid in Ms. Beasley's fourth-grade class in Columbus, Ga.
(B) The best player on the Lions' Little League team.
(C) The subject of one of the dumbest card subsets of all time.
(D) The tooth fairy's No. 1 client.
(E) A mini mock turtleneck model.
(F) All of the above.

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  1. I love it!!! It ain't easy being cheesy but it sure made the 80's fun!