Bip Roberts, 1996 Upper Deck

Name: Bip Roberts
Team: San Diego Padres
Positions: Outfield, second base
Value of card: One dried-out pen
Key 1995 stat: 1,216 "bips" (don't ask)
Bip Roberts is a good guy who signs a lot of autographs; a few choice selections:
  • "Johnny, thanks for asking, but I won't show you my 'bip.'"
  • "Christie, you're a sweetheart. I like Rickey Henderson, too. But I'm not him."
  • "Greg, please, I've signed 14 autographs for you and you're at least 40. Let the kids get some."
  • "Julie, pass this ball with my phone number on it to your hot mom. And wink at her."
  • "Marty, don't tell anyone, but under this jersey is a leotard superhero costume."
  • "Patty, any chance you and the rest of the idiots can come down lower so I don't have to pull a muscle stretching to reach you?" 


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