Ben Grieve, 1994 Upper Deck Top Prospects

Name: Ben Grieve
Team: Oakland A's
Position: Outfield
Value of card: Its prospects aren't good
Key 1993 stats: Four times levitating; zero injury-free landings
Teen magazine Tiger Beat's scouting report of Oakland A's draft pick Ben Grieve: "This dreamboat is a five-tool player: Perfect smile, piercing blue eyes, baby soft skin, strong muscles and a cute little butt. ... His name is Grieve, but girls in the Bay Area won't have to do that until this hunk gets married. ... He even manages to make green mesh look good. Just imagine what it looks like when he's not wearing a T-shirt under it! ... Some might call his adorable ears big, but we're pretty sure that just means he's a good listener. ... Let's face it: It would be worth ducking bullets in Oakland just for a chance to meet this sweetheart!"

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