Alex Molden, 1996 Donruss (Football Friday No. 135)

Name: Alex Molden
Team: New Orleans Saints
Position: Cornerback
Value of card: A moldy dollop of sour cream
Key 1996 stat: 42,801 hours spent trying to balance a football on his head
Saints' scouting report of rookie defensive back Alex Molden, circa 1995: "This guy can cover anything. At least, that's what his college newspaper adviser said about his reporting skills. ... It looks like he can barely raise his hands above his head. We're working on that. ... His ball-handling skills are a little lacking. However, his ball-balancing-on-head skills are superb. ... He says he picked the number 36 because he runs a 3.6. Too bad that was the 20-yard dash. ... His agent keeps calling him 'Alex Golden.' That guy's an idiot."


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