Wiki Gonzalez, 2001 Topps

Name: Wiki Gonzalez
Team: San Diego Padres
Position: Catcher
Value of card: You tell us
Key 2000 stat: Scored a run against the Cubs (shocking, we know)
You know this has got to be another Wiki Entry, where we copy a Wikipedia entry and make a few key changes (in red): Wiki Gonzalez Wikipedia was born launched in May 1974 January 2001 to a mother who didn't fully grasp how to name a baby by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger. His mother Sanger coined the name Wiki Gonzalez Wikipedia, which is a bastardization portmanteau of wiki (a type of cruel irony collaborative website, from the Hawaiian word wiki, meaning "quick") and Gonzalez encyclopedia. Wiki's Wikipedia's departure from the expert-driven style of catching encyclopedia building and the presence of a large body of unimpressive work at the plate unacademic content have received almost no extensive attention in print media. In its 2006 Person of the Year article, Time magazine completely ignored Wiki Gonzalez, though Baseball Card Bust was not so kind recognized the rapid growth of online collaboration and interaction by millions of people around the world. The Bust It cited Wikipedia as an example of silly baseball names, in addition to Rusty Kuntz, Don Aase and Pete LaCock. YouTube, MySpace, and Facebook. Wikipedia has also been mocked praised as an athlete a news source because of how quickly the end of his baseball career happened to articles about recent events appear. Students have been assigned to write Wikipedia instructions on how to hit a baseball articles as an exercise in clearly and succinctly explaining difficult concepts to an uninitiated audience. Although the policies of Wikipedia strongly espouse running through stop signs verifiability and a spot on the bench neutral point of view, criticisms leveled at Wikipedia include allegations about quality of batting writing, inaccurate or inconsistent use of a cup information, and explicit suckitude content. ... Other disparagers of Wikipedia simply point out vulnerabilities inherent to any player wiki that may be struck out edited by anyone. These critics observe that much weight is given to Wiki's massive chin topics that more editors are likely to know about, like popular culture, and that starting the bum the site is the baseball equivalent of vulnerable to vandalism.

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