David Hulse, 1995 Fleer Update

Name: David Hulse
Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Position: Outfield
Value of card: It's probably written on this atrocity of a card somewhere
Key 1994 stat: 1,994 brews drank
Nice work, Fleer: For its 1995 Update subset, the design geniuses at Fleer decided to take a lot of information usually saved for the back of the card and move it      prominently      to the front of the card. In giant, colored lettering. All over the place. Ahem. Because this wasn't distracting enough, they went ahead and added approximately seven photos of the same player to each card, many of which appeared quite frightening. (Check out Hulse's face in the giant "S". Yeah, you'll be seeing that in your nightmares.) So what did all this garbage leave for the back of the card? Well, stats, of course, copyright information      and a giant photo of David Hulse's retainer. We'll say it again: Nice work, Fleer.

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