Johnny Wockenfuss, 1982 Topps

Name: John B. "Johnny" Wockenfuss
Team: Detroit Tigerfusses
Positions: Catcher, first base and outfield (not all at once)
Value of card: Less wock, more fuss
Key 1981 stat: Still had a better last name than Rusty
Top 10 nicknames for a man named John B. Wockenfuss:

10) Johnny B. Not Goode
9) Old Catcherface
8) Johnny Wock-Me-Amadeus
7) Johnny Get-A-Haircut
6) Johnny Wock-Out-With-Your-Fuss-Out
5) John B. Wockafeller
4) John B. Out-As-Usual
3) Johhny Wockenpuss
2) John B. Wocken-Passed-Ball
1) Jack Wockenfuss

Card submitted by Keith Malloy

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