David Fulcher, 1991 Score Crunch Crew (Football Friday No. 129)

Name: David Fulcher
Team: Cincinnati Bengals
Position: Safety
Value of card: POP!
Key 1990 stat: 14 grade-school artists employed at Score
Meet Batman's new arch-nemesis: Batman and Robin had battled all of Gotham's villains and made the city safe again for all its citizens until the rise of The Fulcher, a new breed of evildoer whose proclivity to POP! struck fear into the hearts of the populace. Everywhere The Fulcher went, he would POP! POP! POP! These overly animated action words were, of course, some of Batman and Robin's most vital weapons, so the Dynamic Duo were up against a criminal the likes of which they had never seen. In battle after battle, The Fulcher would push Batman and Robin to the brink of 1960s TV death with a relentless stream of POPS!, leaving our heroes with only enough breath to WHAM! their way back to the Bat Cave. In their final battle with The Fulcher, the Caped Crusader and his trusted avian compatriot were being POP! POP! POPPED! until Adam West and Burt Ward could barely utter tired catchphrases. With the lives of Gotham's citizens hanging in the balance, and our heroes beaten down and in need of a miracle, The Fulcher's groin went POP!, and Batman rose again.

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