Bernie Tatis, 1991 Impel Line Drive Pre-Rookies

Name: Bernie Tatis
Team: Canton-Akron Indians
Position: Outfield
Value of card: Four AA batteries, expired
Key 1990 stat: Two sweat-soaked wristbands
Cleveland Indians' scouting report on "pre-rookie" Bernie Tatis: "This kid has a great swing when he's sitting down posing for a cheesy minor-league photo. ... Possibly the best outfielder in Canton and Akron. OK, maybe just the best in Akron. OK, there are actually better outfielders in both Canton and Akron, but he has a heckofa smile. ... You'd die to spend a weekend at Bernie's. ... Doesn't seem to mind wearing our racist logo on his cap, even in the minors. ... With skills like his, he'll soon be playing in AA-minus. ... We're thinking this 'pre-rookie' has a 'post-baseball career' at 7-Eleven."

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