Alan Zinter, 1990 Bowman (Boring Bowman Week No. 1)

Name: Alan Zinter
Team: New York Mets (We had to do some research.)
Positions: Outfield, first base
Value of card: Two of the plastic circles cut out of batting helmets to make the ear holes
Key 1989 stat: 12 stolen bags (of mesh practice jerseys)
Welcome to Boring Bowman Week: We've hit a new low here at The Bust, even though most of you thought that was impossible. But thanks to the brainiacs behind the 1990 Bowman set, it happened. In honor of baseball's most idle week (only the all-star game will be played between now and Friday      and it doesn't even count!) we are dedicating a week's worth of posts to this nondescript, unimaginative and altogether boring card collection of your favorite athletes in their most pedestrian of poses. By the looks of the cards you'll see this week, we think Bowman sent out a blind high school photography student with a disposable Kodak and gave him three days to get photos of the more than 700 players who make up this set. Don't agree? We'll do our best over the next seven days to bore you into believing us.
Lazy, just plain lazy: Imagine a 10-year-old ripping open a pack of 1990 Bowman cards on a sunny spring morning, hoping to score a couple of collectibles of his favorite players in action shots he could show off to his friends and family. And then, this: possibly the most boring baseball card the world has even seen. First off, no one outside the New York Mets' front office has ever heard of Alan Zinter. But that's fine, because hundreds of prospects go unheralded until they hit the big time. But Bowman didn't even do the 10-year-old and the rest of the world's collectors the courtesy of getting Zinter in a real uniform. He's wearing a Little League helmet, for chris'sakes. Well, at least we know what position he plays. Oh, wait, that basic information is left off the front of the card, probably to allow for more room for the blurred, unrecognizable landscape and the shadow over the subject's eyes. Nice work, Bowman.

Card submitted by Omar Zazueta

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