Jerry Augustine, 1982 Fleer

Name: Jerry Augustine
Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: Dirt in your eye
Key 1981 stat: Enough powder blue to choke a water buffalo
It's another installment of The Caption, which may have run in a Milwaukee-area community paper circa 1982: "Mustachioed Brewers lefty Jerry Augustine plays long toss in the midst of a rare Great Lakes hurricane, battling 120 mph winds while wearing a powder blue garbage bag with elastic cuffs sewn into it. Augustine, who hasn't cut his hair yet this decade, finished the practice session no worse for wear; his "jacket," however, was not so lucky, winding up torn to 12 pieces and plastered against the left field fence. Augustine proudly informed this newspaper that he was also about to get plastered."

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