Bill Curley, 1994 Classic (Another Freakin' Basketball Week No. 7)

Name: Bill Curley
Team: Boston College
Position: Forward
Value of card: Three Curley hairs
Key 1994 stat: A lighter shade of pale
You've earned it: White baller Bill Curley was named Boston College's "Eagle of the Year" (no, really!) as the school's top athlete in 1994. He went on to play in at least six NBA games before retiring in 2001. Here are some other awards he earned along the way:
  • Best Boston Stereotype Athlete of the Year, 1994
  • College Player of the Year, 1994, presented by the Society of Gentlemen Who Don't Tuck in Their Shirts
  • Most Towels Used in a Season, presented by the Boston College basketball staff (four years in a row)
  • Dude Who Most Needs a Xanax, as named in the 1994 Boston College yearbook
  • Sexiest Man Alive, according to Beet-Face Magazine


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