Curtis Strange, 1991 Pro Set PGA Tour (Another Alternate Sports Week No. 5)

Name: Curtis Strange
Team: Teams are for suckers
Position: Golfer
Value of card: Strangely little
Key 1991 stat: Wore fuchsia
Here's what Curtis Strange stands for:

Clothes make the man ...
Under these circumstances, they make the man less manly.
Really tired of hearing jokes about his last name ...
That's too bad, Curtis, because ...
It's pretty strange for a guy to wear hot pink.
Skytel? Skyler? It's hard to read what's on his sleeve because his shirt has blinded us.

Staring off into the distance is one of the more action-packed things about golf.
That is, unless you're this guy.
Resembles Chevy Chase, vaguely.
And that's fitting, because that shirt belongs in a comedy sketch.
No point in stopping the pink shirt jokes now.
Getting a call from Curtis' wife      hang on.
Eventually, she says, she's going to need her top back (hey-o!).

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