Brett Bodine and Team Quaker State, 1991 Pro Set Racing (Another Alternative Sports Week No. 6)

Names: Brett Bodine and Team Quaker State
Team: Um, see above
Position: Sunglassed
Value of card: A lot of green (shirts)
Key 1991 stat: A future so bright, yada, yada
Team Quaker State, by the numbers:

0: Humor one of these guys finds in this situation
1: Rockin' mullet on the guy on the left
2: Guys who should have compared what they were going to wear before the race (awkward!)
6: 1-pound sunglass lenses
26: Car number Beers drank, apiece, before this photo
27: Average finishing position in 1991
270: Combined pulls of chew per day
275: Combined pulls of their "stickshifts" per month


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