Bobby Brown, 1982 Topps

Name: Bobby Brown
Teams: New York Yankees, MCA
Positions: Outfield, lead vocals
Value of card: 12 ounces of slime from "Ghostbusters II" set
Key 1981 stat: Two platinum records
10 things this card could lead you to say:
10) "Every Little Step" the photographer took was wrong
9) "Take It Slow" when you burn this card
8) This guy's hair looks like two diseased dogs "Humpin' Around"
7) ... and those teeth are the color of maca-"Roni"
6) "On Our Own" we could have taken a better photo
5) "Good Enough"? No chance
4) "Don't Be Cruel," keep this card to yourself
3) "Thug Lovin'" to do cocaine
2) "We're Back" to vomiting after looking at this guy
1) "My Prerogative": This card is garbage

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