Aurelio Rodriguez, 1990 ProCards

Name: Aurelio Rodriguez
Team: Toledo Mud Hens
Position: Coach
Value of card: Mud, no hens
Key 1989 stat: Coached under a guy named Wockenfuss
Fun facts about Aurelio Rodriguez and his chest hair:
  • When Rodriguez removes his shirt, you can see the Virgin Mary in that mat of manliness.
  • A slave to fashion, he kept his chest hair up that high so it looked like he was always wearing a bow tie.
  • He never needed to wear a coat or sweater.
  • As part of hazing, Mud Hens newcomers had to comb the crumbs out of Rodriguez's fur.
  • Aurelio Rodriguez fit right in in Toledo, Ohio.
Bonus not-making-this-up fun fact: Rodriguez's card in the 1969 Topps set actually features a photo of Angels bat boy Leonard Garcia.


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