Tony Perez, Carlos Delgado and Eric Munson, 2002 Topps Stars Progression

Names: Tony Perez, from left, Carlos Delgado, Eric Munson
Teams: Cincinnati Reds, from left, Toronto Blue Jays, Detroit Tigers
Positions: First base, from left, first base, first base
Value of card: 1 cent for each player, minus 2 cents
Key 2001 stat: Munson's .152 batting average
It's time for a three-way version of The Matchup:

Round 1: Nowhere near Hall of Fame career (Winner: Eric Munson)
Round 2: Huge letdown after huge signing bonus (Winner: Eric Munson)
Round 3: More attention paid to dyed golden locks than to batting practice (Winner: Munson)
Round 4: Face not good enough to be featured on this card (Winner: Munson)
Round 5: Ability to get "Munsoned" in the middle of nowhere (Winner: Munson)
Round 6: Lack of Latin roots (Winner: Munson)
Round 7: Fewer than 50 career home runs (Winner: Munson)

Score: Munson 7, Delgado 0, Perez 0

Synopsis: Topps offered up a "Progression," from Perez to Delgado to, um, Munson? Well, the little-known former third-overall pick shocked the world and defeated two near-Hall of Famers, proving that, sometimes, a winner can take the "pro" out of "Progression."

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