Gil Hodges, 2002 Topps Bowman Reprints

Name: Gil Hodges
Team: Brooklyn Dodgers
Position: First base
Value of card: A photocopy of a penny
Key 1949 stat: One round head
Blinded by science: Here are the fun facts we can gather from this reprint of a 1949 card of Gil Hodges:
  • Ball caps sure are a lot less dome-like these days.
  • Baseball used to be played on Mars, hence the red sky.
  • "Gil" wasn't just a name; Hodges actually had gills. I mean, what else could that weird lump on his right shoulder be?
  • Hodges suffered from a rare congenital defect in which skin covered up his ear holes.
  • The above line contains the word "genital." Heh.


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