Shawn Kemp, 1991-92 Skybox (Another (face palm) Basketball Week No. 6)

Name: Shawn Kemp (Not "Fat Shawn Kemp," that's a blog)
Team: Seattle SuperSonics
Positions: Power forward, father of 64
Value of card: 64 children sired
Conversation between two basketball card-collecting kids in 1991: 

Kid No. 1: "Wow, this is so radical! Look at those awesome graphics! They must have made it with one of those new computers. How'd they make a basketball with a comet tail! Wow! Look at those tubular arrows! Awesome! What a bodacious light-blue rectangle! This card must've been sent from the future! Whoa!"
Kid No. 2: "I read in Sports Illustrated that Shawn Kemp has fathered dozens of children across the nation and has failed to pay child support to many of their mothers."
Kid No. 1: "Radical! These computer graphics make it look like he's flying! Awesome!"


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