Scooter Tucker, 1992 Fleer Ultra

Name: Eddie "Scooter" Tucker
Team: Houston Astros
Position: Catcher
Value of card: 5 percent more scooting
Key 1991 stat: One ridiculous nickname
Astros scouting report on rookie catcher Scooter Tucker: "Wait, he actually likes to be called 'Scooter'? What, is he 12? ... He's got more than enough neck to be a quality big-league backstop. ... Has an arm like a cannon: rusted and obsolete. ... Can belch the entire alphabet, but often gets the letters out of order. ... Calls a great game — from the booth. ... Says his catching role model is Johnny Cash. We think he means Johnny Bench, but frankly, who knows? ... 'Scooter'? Really? ... Smokes two cigarettes at a time. It's bizarre to watch. ... Says that if baseball doesn't work out, his backup career is 'astronaut. Or cowboy. Or GI Joe.' Maybe he really is 12."

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