Juan Eichelberger, 1982 Topps

Name: Juan Eichelberger
Team: San Diego Padres
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: Just "Juan" cent
Key 1981 stat: One terrible "Juan" pun
Putting the promotion in motion: In 1981 struggling San Diego burger joint Ground Chuck's started a promotion in a desperate bid to save the shop. Owner Chuck Heller offered any Padres fan wearing the urine-and-excrement-colored uniforms the new Eichel Burger for just "Juan," that's right, just "Juan" dollar. If the Padres fan showed up with a homeless man's beard and unwashed hair, as well as the throwup-inspired uniforms, he would get two Eichel Burgers for just "Juan," that's right, just "Juan" dollar. If a fan wearing the uniform and sporting the rat-infested hair and beard-'stache showed up to Ground Chuck's and ordered 10 Eichel Burgers, he'd get a free serial-killer-scrawled autograph from the one-and-only Juan Eichelberger himself. Buy 20? Juan Eichelberger would show up and drink "Juan," yes "Juan" 12-pack of Schlitz with the lucky fan. Buy 50? Ol' Chuck would let the fan in on the Eichel Burger's secret ingredients. (Here's a hint: It wasn't just the uniforms that were inspired by urine and excrement.) Ground Chuck's soon went under.

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