Sparky Anderson, 1991 Studio (Coach-Manager Week No. 7)

Name: Sparky Anderson
Team: Detroit Tigers
Position: Manager
Value of card: Worthless? Check
Key 1990 stat: Quadruple bypass
Sparky bookends: We started Coach-Manager Week with the lovable Sparky and we're ending with Sparky, too. Why? Here's a checklist:

1 ¤ He's the prototypical old man manager.
2 ¤ He has never aged.
3 ¤ He goes by a rascally nickname and has a smile to match.
4 ¤ He's a winner, not just on the baseball field but at the baccarat tables in the back of seedy Chinese food restaurants.
5 ¤ His wrinkles are as deep as poverty levels in Detroit and resemble the stripes of his beloved Tigers.

You can check it off: Sparky, a manager's manager.

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