Ralph Houk, 1991 Swell Baseball Greats (Coach-Manager Week No. 3)

Name: Ralph Houk
Team: Detroit Tigers
Position: Manager (catcher, about 40 years before this photo was taken)
Value of card: An abandoned home in the Highland Park area in Detroit (squatting crackheads included)
Key 1990 stat: Still breathing
Just a swell leader of men: Look at old Ralphie. He's such a swell guy, they named a whole baseball card set after him. What a rascal: He doesn't even care that he has three chunks of chew hanging off the right side of his mouth. Aww, that Ralphie. What an ideal representative for the wonderful city of Detroit. His skin is made from the same leather that was used in Cadillacs from 1968 to 1971. After his heart surgery, he has more of a motor pumping blood than an organ. And that voice. Few know that before he was a player and a manager, he was the frontman for Ralphie and the Runners, a pioneering Motown group, whose hits included "Two Balls on Us," "We Love Bang-Bang Plays" and "Bunt is Just One Letter Away from You." Aww, Ralphie, you're what makes baseball great.

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