David Justice, 1993 Upper Deck Peter Gammons Inside the Numbers

Name: David Justice
Team: Atlanta Braves
Position: Outfield
Value of card: Criminally little
Key 1992 stat: One awesome haircut
Key Baseball Card Bust stat: 1,000 cards Busted, as of today. From the beginning, people have encouraged us to promote our site more, or update its awful design, or try writing something funny for once. Did we listen? Of course not! So, to thank you, our hundreds dozens pair of loyal fans, today's card is presented at absolutely no cost. You're welcome, America.
Autographs from David Justice (we swear!):
  • Dear Brian: I'm sorry, you incorrectly guessed the number of holes in my mesh jersey. Better luck next year!
  • To Jason: Thanks for shaving those lines into my head. I can't imagine this look ever going out of style.
  • To Sharpie: It's a little weird that you wrote your name on your pen, but whatever.
  • Dear Megan: Thanks for asking about the spot on my chin, but I'm pretty sure it's not a tumor.
  • Dear Peter: A million thanks for having me on this series of cards that I'm sure will be worth big bucks. You should autograph a photo of me signing autographs. That would be crazy!


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