John Urrea, 1982 Topps

Name: John Urrea
Team: San Diego Padres
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: Money pissed away
Key 1981 stat: One gold chain
That name sounds familiar: John Urrea made a splash his first year in the bigs. For the most part, the only hits he allowed were dribblers and a few balls that leaked into the outfield. He started off strong, producing a solid stream of wins. But by 1981, the last year of his career, the Padres looked to him for relief. And relieve he did. At first, he could do no wrong, leaving the team flush with saves. But the first time he got into trouble, he showed a yellow streak a mile wide. The Padres were forced to wipe their, um, hands of him.


  1. You should probably stick to writing about Justin Beiber, 'cause you either don't know anything about baseball or you don't know how to research.

    Truth is -- John Urrea posted a career best 2.39 ERA in 1981, and never produced a "steady stream of wins" that you claim he did, because his role was a reliever not a starter. Although he was used as a spot start early in his career, 12 starts in 41 appearances, does NOT mean he was ever expected to produce wins. In fact, out of his 139 career games, he only started 27 of them. His career ended due to injury, not because his skills faded during '81. If you look at his stats and understand a bit about baseball, you'll notice that he improved each year during his final 3 seasons after one really bad year.

    The only thing I'll agree with you on, is that he was a bust.

    1. Thanks for reading! Also, who's Justin Beiber? Does he play for the Astros?

  2. It's amazing me to me that non-professional athletes label John Urrea (or any pro) as a "bust". What exactly is a "bust."? Do you guys have any clue what it to takes to even be drafted by a professional baseball team, let alone as the 14th pick in the first round? Then to actually pitch at the major league level for 5 years?? Do you have a clue what that takes?

    John Urrea (or any pro pitcher)is one of 250 people in the world who can do what he did, at the time he did it. How many of us tried to do what John Urrea did? I will guess about a million of us. You do the math. And no, I don't know the guy.

    1. I once pitched a no-hitter in MLB 10 The Show. Does that count?