Jim Beattie, 1981 Topps (Part 1)

Name: Jim Beattie
Team: Seattle Mariners
Position: Pitcher
Value of card: It's missing something
Key 1980 stat: Lots of face
Heckler's rant to an attentive Jim Beattie, Sept. 12, 1980: "Hey Beattie, nice face. I can't tell what's bigger, your nose, your chin or your Adam's apple! Yeah, that's right, Beattie, I'm talking to you. Did you shave five minutes ago, or are you 12 years old? I haven't seen skin that smooth since the last time I met up with your wife! And good lord, man, are you even wearing a shirt under that jacket? Or are you just showing off the one place you can grow hair? You're a bum, Chin Beattie!"

(To be continued.)

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