Dan Gladden, 1991 Studio (Studio Saturday No. 40)

Name: Dan Gladden
Team: Minnesota Twins
Position: Left field
Value of card: Twin pennies
Key 1990 stat: 45 barroom brawls
Conversation between Studio photographer and Dan Gladden, March 14, 1991:
Studio photographer: Mr. Gladden, how are you? Just have a seat and we'll get this over with.
Dan Gladden: Don't tell me what to do.
SP: No problem. Get comfortable, I'll snap a few photos, and we'll get this done.
DG: Don't tell me what to do, crap breath.
SP: Well, this is going well. So, here's my camera, I'm just going to ...
DG: No pictures!
SP: Um, no pictures? This is a photo shoot. You showed up to a photo shoot.
DG: Don't care. No pictures!
SP: Listen, Danny: We need to get this done. My boss is breathing down my neck. Your owner is ...
DG: No one owns Dan Gladden, liver lips.
SP: Did you just call me "liver lips"?
DG: I did, liver lips, and I suggest you put away the camera.
SP: OK, let me just get one or two quick shots ...
DG: That's it! No pictures!
SP: Danny, what are you doing? (snaps photo) Put down the bat! (snaps photo) Ahhh!

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