Will Clark 1988 Big League Stars

Name: Will Clark
Team: San Francisco Giants
Position: First base
Value of card: It's not worth the mesh it's printed on
Key 1987 stat: Zero people in stadium at time this photo was taken
Let's take a look at this Will Clark card, by the numbers:

2,500: Copies of this card originally printed in Reggie Fleckman's garage in 1988
1,250: Copies thrown in garbage by card shop owners upon arrival to stores
650: Copies that contained printing errors, such as the white specks and arm hair above
225: Copies that disintegrated when exposed to the sun in 1990
130: Copies that wound up in MLB lawyers' hands for evidence in copyright infringement cases
75: Copies hoarded by Jimmy Hulme, 12, before the ink gave him cancer and he threw them away
20: Copies found in Soviet Russia in 1991; they were later used to heat a stove for Vladimir's gruel
10: Copies in circulation in 2010, before The Bust acquired them all
1: Copies left in the world after the schmoes behind The Bust ripped up nine of them
0: Monetary value of the last copy of this card in the world — even in Soviet Russia

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