Ryan Klesko, 2002 Fleer Ultra

Name: Ryan Klesko
Team: San Diego Padres
Position: Outfield
Value of card: The only real value is in the afterlife
Key 2001 stat: 2,275 hours praying
The predecessor to a phenomenon: The Bust usually stays away from topical subjects — partly because it's cheap and easy; mostly because we're not hip enough to keep up with trends. But we made an exception when we unearthed this card. Today, Tim Tebow and his "Tebowing" have caught the world by storm. In 2002, Ryan Klesko was "Kleskoing," giving himself up to God before the most important times on the field and off. Bracing himself on bended knee, Klesko bowed his head to the Lord, thanked him for his gifts and asked him for more help in the important moments to come. Though he never put fist to chin in the manner of Tebow, he did close his eyes behind his bright-orange Oakley Blades and whisper prayers in on-deck circles across America. So the next time you see Tebow expressing his faith in a crouch in front of millions of TV viewers, think about where the Denver Broncos quarterback learned his now-famous move, and get on your knees and start "Kleskoing."

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