Joe Girardi, 1992 Topps

Name: Joe Girardi
Team: Chicago Cubs
Position: Catcher
Value of card: Squat
Key 1991 stat: No shame
Fun facts about Joe Girardi's bowel movements:
  • Girardi kept a travel toilet on the field at all times, just in case. Hence, this card.
  • While using said travel toilet, Girardi would often put down the curveball sign, just to make things clear.
  • Girardi always wore his mitt and shin guards while on the crapper. And not just his one on the field.
  • Girardi's dog would often take a cue from his master, much to the groundskeepers' dismay.
  • Girardi offered use of his travel toilet to any of his teammates — but never Don Zimmer. That dude was foul.
Card courtesy of FatShawnKemp.com


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