Candy Maldonado, 1987 Fleer Award Winner

Name: Candy Maldonado
Team: San Francisco Giants
Positions: Outfield, Pinch Hitter of the Year
Value of card: Four pieces of construction paper (used above)
Key 1986 stat: One award that's really a backhanded compliment
10 candy descriptions for Candy Maldonado:
10) Good & Plenty (of strikeouts)
9) Mounds (of cellulite)
8) Fun Dip (causes mouth cancer)
7) Baby Ruth (as in: much, much worse than Babe Ruth)
6) 100 Grand (salary is far too generous)
5) Big Hunk (look elsewhere)
4) Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (in his jockstrap)
3) Junior Mints (in his jockstrap)
2) Charleston Chew (spit)
1) Snickers (when he showers)

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