Tre Johnson, 1994 Fleer Ultra (Football Friday No. 99)

Name: Tre Johnson
Team: Washington Redskins
Position: Guard
Value of card: Tre cents
Key 1993 stat: 66-pound head
Redskins' scouting report on rookie Tre Johnson: "We like any draft pick with a name from "Boyz n the Hood," though this guy looks more like a 'Doughboy.' ... Smart kid? Well, his brain weighs a lot, at least. ... The size of this kid's head will distract many people from our offensive mascot. ... We'll have to play him; he ate the starter. ... Wow. This player runs a 4.2 40. Excuse me, a 44.2. ... If he doesn't work out on the football field, we could recoup some of our investment from his guaranteed success on the sumo circuit."

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