Steve Bedrosian, 1991 Studio (Studio Saturday, No. 34)

Name: Steve Bedrosian
Team: Minnesota Twins
Position: Reliever
Value of card: 18 pounds of hair
Key 1990 stat: Head was never cold
It's beard against hair helmet in this barbershop-style Matchup:

Round 1: Resemblance to collar (Winner: Beard)
Round 2: Resemblance to hedgehog (Winner: Hair helmet)
Round 3: Resemblance to normal human hair (Winner: Neither)
Round 4: Better groomed (Winner: Beard)
Round 5: Ability to catch crumbs (Winner: Beard)
Round 6: Ability to conceal an iguana (Winner: Hair helmet)
Round 7: Bigger attraction for the ladies (Winner: Neither)

Final score: Beard 3, hair helmet 2, with two DNFs

Synopsis: Sure, Bedrosian has enough hair above his neck to clothe a Nepalese family, but it's his beard that proves rougher and tougher, coming out on top of  his mountainous hairdo.

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