Chris Miller, 1992 Fleer Ultra Chris Miller Series (Football Friday No. 102)

Name: Chris Miller
Team: Atlanta Falcons
Position: Quarterback
Value of card: Monetary equivalent of Pets.com stock in 2011
Key 1991 stat: One endorsement deal (with Fleer Ultra)
Wait, wait, wait, what? Yes, what you're seeing is real. Fleer Ultra dedicated a 12-card subset to Chris Miller in 1991. Yes, that Chris Miller. We were confused, too, so we checked the record books. Yup, plenty of good players took the field in 1991. The mediocre Miller wasn't the only player in the NFL that season. The brainiacs at Fleer could have picked a quarterback who was playing then or one who had retired. They could have held out until basketball season and picked a more exciting Miller or held out until baseball season and done the same thing. But no, they wanted to highlight Chris Miller's 26-touchdown, 18-interception 1991 season, which, though pedestrian, would far and away be his best season. So, grab a set of 1991 Fleer Ultra Chris Miller Series cards and flip one over. Miller's sole "performance highlight" is listed: "Miller had a 12-card Fleer Ultra football card series dedicated to him in 1991."

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