Charlie Hough, 1991 Studio (Studio Saturday No. 33)

Name: Charlie Hough
Team: Chicago White Sox
Position: Knuckleballer
Value of card: It's equal to the cost of a loaf of bread the day Hough was born (5 cents)
Key 1990 stat: 62 birthday candles on cake
Conversation between Charlie Hough and Studio photographer, April 13, 1991: 
Charlie Hough: Hello, sonny. Is this the photography studio?
Studio photographer: Yes, sir. It's good to have you here, Mr. Hough.
CH: I remember when you fellers used the big, exploding flash.
SP: Yeah, it's been a while since we used those. Why don't you sit there and hand me that towel.
CH: I'll keep the towel.
SP: Mr. Hough, hand me the towel, please.
CH: I'm never throwing in the towel.
SP: This photo will look a lot better if you at least put the towel on your lap.
CH: I ain't never throwing in the towel, no matter what you or them suits say. I may be old, but I can still pitch.
SP: Sir, this has nothing to do with your ability to pitch. I'm sure you're a fine pitcher. Just put the towel down.
CH: You whippersnappers are all the same, telling me to hang 'em up. Telling me a 62-year-old can't play in the bigs. Well, I'll show you. I ain't never throwing in this towel.
SP: OK, sir. That's fine. One, two, three. Cheese. That should make for a fine, distinguished photo you can show your grandkids.
CH: Why you ...

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