Kevin Pritchard, 1995-96 NBA Hoops (Another White Ballers Week No. 5)

Name: Kevin Pritchard
Team: Vancouver Grizzlies
Position: Guard
Value of card: Meaningless history
Key 1995-96 stat: Every color known to man included in his tie
Fun facts about white guard Kevin Pritchard:
  • Let's start with the true one: Kevin Pritchard was the first player to sign with the Grizzlies franchise. However, he was released before he could even play a game and played just two more games in the NBA at all. Still, he'll always have that atrocious basketball to admire.
  • Being the first player to ever sign with the Grizzlies is slightly more exciting than being the first guy to eat paste.
  • ... which is why he didn't bother to shave before the press conference where this photo was taken.
  • Kevin Pritchard's eyebrows are enshrined in the Grizzlies Hall of Fame.
  • Kevin Pritchard's tie is the seventh-leading producer of noise pollution in the United States.
  • The bear in the Grizzlies logo (seen here four times!) appears to be holding a pumpkin. Yeah, that has nothing to do with Kevin Pritchard, but let's face it — he's just not that interesting.
Card courtesy of FatShawnKemp.com.

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  1. They'd still be in Vancouver if Brain Winters had just played Lawrence Moten more his rookie and 2nd seasons.