Gary Mota and James Mouton, 1994 Topps Coming Attractions

Names: Gary Mota, James Mouton
Team: Houston Astros
Positions: Outfield and outfield
Value of card: Matinee ticket to a terrible movie
Key 1993 stats: Zero "attractions" (except to each other)
It's time for The Matchup, deep in the heart of Texas:

Round 1: Name that is slang for "marijuana" (Winner: Mota, maaaannnn)
Round 2: Name that is slang for "crouton" (Winner: Mouton)
Round 3: Amount of fabric clumped in the crack (Winner: Mouton)
Round 4: Relation to other stoned big leaguers (Winner: Mota)
Round 5: Mustache made from wristband fibers (Winner: Mouton)
Round 6: Doughnuts eaten (baseball bat variety) (Winner: Mota)
Round 7: Star on jersey of a player never to be a star (Winner: Mota)

Score: Mota 4, Mouton 3

Synopsis: The Mota Man came in smoking and didn't let up, proving this was his joint and a guy whose name rhymes with the crappiest part of a salad shouldn't win anything.

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