Cherokee Parks, 1999-2000 Upper Deck (Another White Ballers Week No. 7)

Name: Cherokee Parks
Team: Vancouver Grizzlies
Position: Center
Value of card: .90210 cents
Key 1999-2000 stat: One special guest starring role
Back in Beverly Hills: Cherokee Parks was better known for his name and his look than his NBA success.  He loved the league, but he loved his paycheck more, and he knew his future would be bright with a name like "Cherokee." He was right. In the 1999-2000 offseason, Parks got a call from Hollywood producer Aaron Spelling. The legendary TV show creator told him that his recent tent-pole production, "Beverly Hills: 90210," was sagging in the ratings, and he wanted a new love interest for his daughter, Tori, who played Donna on "B-H 9er." Parks said he was interested. Acting had appealed to him since his days on the Duke University Improv team, the Improv-ments. He signed a contract a few days later and played a tall, white and handsome basketball player who was 5 percent Native American and who transferred to West Beverly High from Vancouver, where he had lived on a reservation and never saw a convertible or an episode of "Melrose Place." His character, aptly named Cherokee, was well-received, and the audience was shocked when, five episodes into his character's run, it was revealed that, just like Brandon and Brenda, Cherokee had a twin, who would go on to change the famous ZIP code forever, or at least during sweeps week.

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