Chad Kreuter, 1999 Upper Deck

Name: Chad Kreuter
Team: Kansas City Royals
Position: Catcher
Value of card: $2.99 a minute
Key 1998 stat: 23,091 phone calls
Take this job and shove it: Chad Kreuter wasn't very good at baseball. He bounced around the league, platooning behind the plate and rarely hitting above .250. Needing financial stability, Kreuter decided to start working for an, um, adult phone service. At first he took calls in the privacy of his own home, but pretty soon, everyone wanted to have an intimate conversation with "Barry the Backstop." Kreuter began sneaking his cellphone onto the field, taking calls between innings by holding the phone in his mitt and pretending to block the sun or rest his head. The game was soon up, though, after teammates caught Kreuter whispering into his glove that he was wearing only a jock strap, cleats and a smile.

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