Mike Scott, 1991 Studio (Studio Saturday No. 27)

Name: Mike Scott
Team: Houston Astros
Position: Ace
Value of card: Two "blades" of AstroTurf
Key 1991 stat: 20 pounds of chin
Conversation between Studio photographer and his editor, March 13, 1991:
Studio photographer: OK, so here's the shot of Mike Scott I think we should use.
Studio editor: You must have something better than this.
SP: Nope. This is the one.
SE: Let me see your other shots.
SP: OK. Here's one of him spitting on me.
SE: Uh-huh ...
SP: And here's one of him flipping me off.
SE: Not good.
SP: And here he's popping a zit on his back.
SE: That's disgusting.
SP: Ah, this one. Yup, this is him mooning me while making his butt cheeks say, "(Expletive) off, jerk."
SE: That won't work.
SP: And here he's actually spitting on me while flipping me off, popping a zit on his back with his pants around his ankles and insulting Nolan Ryan.
SE: So that's it?
SP: Yes, sir.
SE: Well, the one you selected looks good. We'll circulate across America a photo of a pudgy middle-age man with a ratty mullet looking awkwardly at the camera with his mouth slightly agape.

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